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Rewind Awarded Bronze by Attitude is Everything!

– November 9, 2018 –

We’re delighted to announce that Rewind has been awarded Bronze from Attitude is Everything for our accessible services at Rewind 2018!

AIE’s award scheme works by recognising festivals and music events in the UK that are striving to improve and develop their accessible facilities for deaf and disabled music fans.
We are dedicated to making our festival as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for all of our fans; so this year we teamed up with AIE to help grow our facilities both on and off-site to ensure access provisions for our fans are a central part of the event.

This year we worked to improve some key facilities at our festivals, such as our accessible campsite and parking areas, viewing platforms and seating, our accessible toilets and showers, and our personal assistant scheme. These facilities were monitored and maintained by our wonderful access team, who worked tirelessly throughout the events in both the campsites and the arenas to assist our customers.

For the first time ever at Rewind North, we worked with Concert Signers to help raise deaf awareness in live music events. They took to the stage during Bonnie Tyler’s set to sign to some of her most loved hits. This service is something we’re hoping to incorporate into all our festivals in the future.

The Bronze award is a great start for Rewind and we will as ever be striving for silver and even gold next year! If you have any feedback or comments from this year’s event we would love to hear them and as ever, appreciate your time in helping us to improve the event. Please email:

Our access applications open on 16th November 2018. Please click HERE for more information, and don’t forget to sign up to our access mailing list HERE.

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