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Pink Flamingo Club

The Pink Flamingo Headliners have been announced!



Bongo’s Bingo is a wild shared social extravaganza and a night of pure nostalgic escapism, with the chance to win iconic prizes from giant pink unicorns and Henry Hoovers to mobility scooters and karaoke machines at each and every show.

It’s immersive, inclusive and incredible. Everyone from 18 to 92 plays and parties together. There are no barriers and no limits.

Quite simply, there’s nothing else like it.


Rockaoke are a professional ROCK band who invite members of the audience up on stage to sing with them. It’s on everyone’s bucket list to jump on stage and sing with a LIVE band and now's your chance!

Around 300 songs can be chosen from. Aspiring ROCKSTARS are asked to provide their name(s) and select a song. When their turn comes, singers are invited to join the band onstage. Lyrics are provided on a screen but the music is “LIVE” – so no karaoke machines or bouncy balls 🙂


Gertcha play all those Chas & Dave hits their fans know and love, but also enjoy playing classic and current pop songs to sing-a-long too in a unique Rockney style.



Following an amazing debute DJ set in our PF club in 2023, Jenny is back for 2024 with even more retro floorfillers. Her headline set will be a garenteed blast and perfect eay to round off your Saturday night!


The Broclaimers are the UK's No1 Tribute to the Proclaimers. These two cheeky chappies bring you the best of the Proclaimers most popular hits featuring the best soundalike you will ever hear. Close your eyes and it could be the original artists. They also include some of the best hits from popular Scottish Artist to get you in the party mood.


Featuring the award winning tribute to the man himself and star of the Entertainers show "In The Air Tonight", Chris Hayward and his world class 10 piece band, including the “Serious Horn Section” bring you Seriously Collins.

Phil’s extensive catalogue has been meticulously studied and arranged to give the ultimate Phil Collins & Genesis experience.

Featuring, In the air tonight – Another day in paradise – Easy Lover – Against all odds – Invisible Touch – Follow You Follow me – I can’t Dance - Sussudio amongst others.

Seriously Collins is the show that all Phil Collins and Genesis fans deserve.

the supersize

the supersize are a 3-piece rock band from west London, meet the band members below:

BOG | the drumming and the singing

The driving heart and rhythmic soul of the classic power trio. He sometimes hits his drums so hard, they spontaneously combust.

FEY | the singing and the bass playing

A voice that's a cross between Alex Harvey and that bloke out of A Flock of Seagulls. Fey has more basses than Bog has drums.

LAW | the guitar playing and (very occasionally) the singing

The driving melodic crunch of the band. A veritable riff monster. Law has more guitars than Fey has basses.


We have been playing together in some form or other forever. We hang loose on the groove, so loose it really moves. The experience of years and great musicianship puts us where it's funkiest, where it matters and where you can't help but smile and move. We're running on Soul Power and Rare Groove. Get on yer good foot, c'mon x





The Doctor's major success saw him top the charts in the UK and 28 other countries with “Spirit in The Sky”, The Doctor and The Medics signature tune to this day.

Not only will The Doctor be presenting the Rewind main stage at all three festivals, he will also be headlining the PF club every Sunday with an amazing DJ set.

If last year was anything to go by, The Doctors 2024 set is not one to miss!

Photo credit: Steve Niblett


Whole Lotta DC are an authentic representation of AC/DC, providing the full breath-taking stage
show loved by all true rock fans.

The rhythm section accurately nails the solid four-on-the-floor boogie while a wall of tight-as-a-gnats chuff guitar knocks you off your feet. On top of all that, the unmistakable vocals and charisma of Brian / Bon and Angus's searing lead work and naughty-boy antics including the stripping are recreated in stunning fashion.

Now that AC/DC tours are few and far between, Whole Lotta DC offer a chance to get up close and
personal with the legendary act and are a must-see for fans


The Deloreans have performed across the UK and Europe for over 15 years, filling dance floors with an eclectic repertoire from the 50s to present day and a unique blend of mashups and medleys.

The band is filled with music industry professionals with years of experience as recording session musicians and live performers, as well as delivering hi-end tour and event grade experiences for some of the biggest names in the industry.


Aladdinsane, The Sound & Vision of Bowie, widely acclaimed as the best Bowie tribute in the UK.

The band have played theatres, festivals and venues throughout the UK for the past 12 years, with
Paul Henderson performing as David Bowie, with audiences commenting how eerily close his voice,
moves and mannerisms are to that as Bowie.

For RW 2024, the Pink Flamingo stage is being graced with their talent and we cannot wait!


Shona McVey is as close to the real thing as you are ever likely to hear. However he whole show is performed a little tongue in cheek, including being backed by invited "Shoop Shoop Girls" and the moment where she welcomes one lucky gentleman to the stage as her new Sonny Bono!

And in 2018 when Cher released her global bestselling album ‘Dancing Queen’, exclusively featuring many of ABBA’s greatest songs, Shona immediately created her very own show called CHER’S ABBA by Shona McVey.

Roger styles

Roger Styles - Devon-based guitarist, singer, songwriter & producer who has toured throughout Europe and the UK playing rock, pop, jazz and music inspired by artists such as Mark Knopfler, Prince, Paco De Lucia, Django Rheinhardt, Antonio Forcione, Peter Gabriel and many more.

Roger has built a 25 year career arranging unique versions of covers as well as original material, blending this wide range of styles into his entertaining live performances.

Baller Sounds

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